The main objective of the Bjørvika Apartments Sustainability Plan is to ensure that decisionmaking within the apartment hotel contributes to achieving its objectives, in order to improve its sustainability, reduce its long-term environmental impact and increase the welfare of employees, guests and of the environment that surrounds us.

Therefore, it is necessary that the measures adopted as a result of this plan are maintained and that the plan defines the minimum standards of Bjørvika Apartments.

This sustainability plan will cover environmental, socio-cultural, quality and health and safety issues, and the way in which the apartment hotel intends to address them. In addition, it will be revised and updated annually to encourage improvement year after year.

• Waste management objectives:
– Reduce water expenditure.
– Reduce energy expenditure.
– Reduce the amount of CO2 emissions.
– Reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste.
– Increase the amount of waste that we recycle
– Improve the results obtained in previous years.

• General objectives:
– Become a Green Globe apartment hotel.
– Lead the decision-making process to be more sustainable.
– Develop a business strategy based on sustainability, quality, safety & health.

• Satisfaction goals:
– Increase commitment with our customers.
– Increase customer satisfaction, measured by surveys.
– Provide clients with information on good waste management practices.

• Training objectives:
– Raise awareness of the company’s CRS workers.
– All workers are aware of environmental policies.
– Train a minimum of 1 department per year in sustainability.


Bjørvika Apartments is committed to actively reduce its environmental impact by conducting all its operations in the most sustainable way possible. This includes buying sustainably, recycling and reusing resources whenever possible and reducing their energy consumption, water consumption and pollution.

Some key points of this policy are the following:

1. Comply with all current environmental laws and regulations, guests and visitors are informed about energy conservation and wise use practices, and will inform guests and visitors info in the apartments.

2. The maintenance department will make sure to reduce the consumption of water, electricity, etc. over time, in addition to meeting the objectives and setting new goals once the previous ones have been met.

3. We invite guests and visitors to support environmental, CRS and energy efforts. It will be informed through information in the apartments, with information on good practices and possible related events to increase the commitment of our customers.

At the same time, environmental policy places special emphasis on the following sections: Energy management, waste management, water management, CO2 management and biodiversity management

Energy Management
The Bjørvika Apartments apartment hotel is very committed to reducing energy consumption in all its facilities, in the past has implemented some measures to make this reduction.

The apartment hotel has just implemented a computer shutdown policy that operates where it is feasible. We have a policy to close the curtains of empty apartments, to regulate the temperature of the building, which leads to a reduction in the use of energy. In addition, staff are advised to turn off lights in rooms that are not in use, such as their offices. We are also installing LED bulbs to replace the halogen bulbs that we have in every apartment and offices.

The company is committed to monitoring and tracking energy consumption to set reduction targets in the future.

Waste Management
An area in which the apartment hotel feels very committed through the system of continuous improvement of waste management, in this last year has acquired new recycling containers so that recycling is easier according to the type of waste.

It has also begun to use waste compactors. The compactors will not only help to reduce the amount of waste produced, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the number of times per month that waste must be collected so that it will not only generate a positive impact for the environment, but also that will also allow saving costs to the company, in addition, recently we have begun to register the waste in a hotel optimizer we will use this data to create recycling objectives of the departments

Finally, through an external company, we will begin to train employees in waste management to increase recycling and awareness among employees.

Water management
This is an area where the apartment hotell guests can actively participate since they can communicate that they do not want their towels to be washed by placing hanging them up in the bathroom.

C02 Management
Bjørvika Apartments establishes objectives to reduce its emissions in this area. Guests and visitors of the apartment hotel also participate as they are informed of the best ways to move around the city in a sustainable manner.

It will only buy energy-efficient computers and other machines, which are Energy Star certified or other energy efficiency certificates, in the future. This will reduce Bjørvika Apartment’s carbon footprint.

Please read more about our quality accreditation at: https://www.staywithconfidence.com/operator/115/bjorvika-apartments/

Bjørvika Apartments complies with all local laws, so that it complies with all the necessary health and safety regulations, values the health and well-being of its personnel, so, according to local laws, it offers its employees health insurance that also includes an annual health medical examination.

At present, employees are informed of relevant safety procedures such as emergency exits or where first aid kits are located. In the internal training that takes place in the first month of work of the employees in the apartment hotel, new employees are instructed to know these procedures much more quickly, the human resources department has been working with the marketing department to create an manual for employees, which includes this information.

Another adjustment in terms of safety and health is the change of chemical products for others less harmful to the health of workers and the environment, replacing the relevant products by others with an ecological certification.

Bjørvika Apartments has established a “green team”, made up of all the heads of departments, to ensure that each department carries out its sustainability tasks.

More specifically, the green team consists of:
• The General Manager
• The Operations Manager
• The Business Development Manager