Bjørvika Apartments offers furnished apartments in Teaterkvartalet between Schweigaards Gate and Grønlandsleiret, in Operakvartalet/Barcode area on the sea side of Oslo Central Station, and on Sørenga peninsula. In addition to our close location to Oslo Central Station and Bus Terminal, there is also public transportation available that makes Oslo’s biggest tourist attractions easy accessible from our apartments.

All of our apartments in Oslo are located close to food markets and restaurants. If you chose an apartment in Teaterkvartalet, the super marked Rema 1000 is conveniently located between the entrances of Platous Gate 31 and 33. If you need to do some shopping on a Sunday, the mini marked Joker is open all week in Schweigaards Gate. You can also dine and drink outside your apartment, Teaterkvartalet has restaurants and cafès with different cuisines and price ranges. Oslo Mekaniske Verksted is notably popular and spacious, and offers dining and drinks in a cosy back yard.

If you would like to stay at our apartments in Operakvartalet/Barcode, this area offers a variation on food markets and highly recommended restaurants like Nodee, Vaaghals and Stock are easily accessible from your apartment. If you prefer to stay closer to the sea, we can recommend our apartments on Sørenga peninsula, a brand new area that is very popular in the summer months when you can swim and sunbathe. Here you can take a stroll along the harbour promenade, enjoy a late breakfast at a cafè or restaurant right by the sea with view towards the Opera house and the new Munch museum. The Medieval Park is open all year and reachable on foot from Sørenga.



Bjørvika Apartments offers a temporary home by the sea shore in the central of Bergen. Our apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need for both short time and long time stay. All of our apartments are located in Damsgårdsundet, one of the most exciting and pulsating areas in Bergen. The old industrial area has been modernized and is now filled with apartments, restaurants, shops and a harbour promenade.  Here you can take a stroll at the promenade, buy fresh local seafood and enjoy the view. The center of Bergen is located a 10-15 minute walk away, through an effective new harbour bridge. The metro is also accessible from our apartments, and makes it easy to move around the city. The area is also suitable for biking.



Our apartments are located at Solsiden in Trondheim. They are cenral, modern and fully furnished and equipped to make your stay as comforable and practical as possible. Our apartments are in close vicinity of Nedre Elvehavn and Solsiden harbour promenade. Here you can have a stroll along the river and enjoy the historical and cosy streets. The area has museums, big parking houses and the concert house Dokkhuset which hosts jazz and chamber music. Right next to Dokkhuset you can also enjoy the cultural park Dokkparken. Solsiden is a pulsating and popular area that offers the best of food culture, shopping and night life. You can enjoy a variety of cuisines for all occations and budgets. Trondheim’s biggest shopping center «Solsiden» is also found here, along with local and cosy pubs and cafès. The magnificent Nidarosdomen is located a 10 minute walk from our apartments. If you would like a more active holiday, the city mountains and Norway’s biggest indoor pool «Pirbadet» are easily accessible by bus.

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