There’s no place like Bjørvika Apartments

This is how you will be able to feel at home when traveling for business.

When you are traveling for a longer time due to a business trip, there is nothing more important than living comfortably and homely. Bjørvika Apartments has rented out exclusive apartments in the centre of Oslo in more than ten years and has long experience with customizing for companies.

  • For us it is important that our guests are as comfortable as possible during their stay. This is about ensuring that you can feel at home, but also to have great freedom in your everyday, says Ole Henrik Engen, CEO at Bjørvika Apartments.


Comfort that gives you a homey feeling

The apartments from Bjørvika Apartments in Oslo are located at Teaterkvartalet, Sørenga and Operakvarteret, the latter being clearly the most popular business district. The apartments in Bergen are in Damsgårdsundet, about 10 min. walking distance from downtown. The apartments in Trondheim are located by Nedre Elvehavn and Solsiden. All of them are central and close to the sea. There is a choice between one, two or three bedrooms, depending on whether it is most convenient to share residence with colleagues, or to be for themselves.

The apartments are equipped with all you might need in your everyday. They are situated in regular residential buildings with easy access to parking and public transport. This is a big plus if you are commuting in between meetings, or traveling home on the weekend, says Engen.

  • Companies often get offered tiny rooms with little light, a kitchenette and little space to live in. Furthermore, those are often Studio apartments without a separate bedroom. This is not the case with Bjørvika Apartments, Engen points out.
  • Our apartments have fully equipped kitchens with all household appliances, own washing machine and nice sitting areas. Good space and comfortable furniture make it easy to feel at home.


Cheaper for the company, more comfortable for the employees

The typical corporate customer needs accommodation for their employees connected to long time projects, workshops or courses. Engen views choosing apartments instead of hotel rooms as a big advantage.

  • It is often cheaper for the company and more comfortable for the employees. We have great business agreements which we customize for each case, Engen points out.
  • The possibility to make food and wash clothes is often more appreciated than one might think when you stay for a longer period. All apartments to Bjørvika Apartments have gyms and grocery stores close by, which makes it easier to maintain everyday routines.
  • Furthermore, there is enough space to have guests visiting. This is often important for those that are staying a longer period from home, says Engen.


Enjoy your free time in the heart of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim

Oslo: Bjørvika is about to become one of the most attractive districts in Oslo. Here it is easy to enjoy the after-work hours in a pleasant urban environment, with attractions such as the Opera house only a stone’s throw away.
The central location also makes it possible to get together for a payday pils, invite customers out for lunch or to go eat in between meetings.

  • Teaterplassen can offer you places where you can get a great coffee and sandwiches, drinks in maybe the cosiest bar in Oslo as well as the best Indian lunch/take away in town, tells Engen.
  • I Operakvarteret you will find a wide selection of places to eat, as well as grocery stores only 50-200 meters away. If you want to get a taste of Norwegian cuisine we can recommend Stock where the chefs choose local and seasonal products. They have both a great lunch and dinner menu.


Bergen: All our apartments are in Damsgårdsundet, which is one of the most exciting areas in Bergen. Industry and shipyards have been replaced with homes, restaurants and harbour promenade.

-Here you can enjoy hot summer days on the pier, interesting architecture or revitalizing mountain hikes. The new harbour pedestrian bridge makes now the trip to city centre short and efficient as it would take only 10-15 minutes to walk there from the apartment. Bergen’s city light rail train is also within walking distance of our apartments, if you want to experience beautiful Bergen from the rails. It will take you where you want in a short time.

-The new, exciting district invites you to a pleasant and relaxed stay, with squares, harbour promenade, cafes, restaurants and shops in the immediate vicinity.

Trondheim: Our apartments are central, modern and fully furnished to make your stay as comfortable as possible. They are near beautiful Nedre Elvehavn and the seafront Solsiden.

-Solsiden is a very popular and lively area in the heart of Trondheim, where you can experience the best the city has to offer regarding food culture, shopping, socialising and nightlife. Have an outdoor lunch on the harbour promenade and choose everything from local seafood to exciting Asian fusion right next to your apartment.

-Check out Trondheim’s largest shopping center “Solsiden” just around the corner, and enjoy a local concert at one of the Solsiden many local, unique pubs.